Mendocino Women’s Retreat in Philo, California

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Mendocino Women’s Retreat Invites You To

Circle of Light—Phoenix Rises From the Fire

Celebrating the Solstice with friends in ceremony

to release the dark and welcome in the light

Sunday December 17th

From 1 PM to 6 PM in Little River

Space is limited so RSVP ASAP by emailing June or call her 734-0505

Meet: 12:30 Van Damme Beach Parking area for shuttle

  1. RAFFLE of kitchen goodies basket


  1. Potluck

  2. a gift to exchange

  3. a small pouch

  4. slippers

  5. $ for a donation

  6. A piece of dry firewood sacred to the season:

  7. Oak, Alder, Holly, Birch

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